Mt Baker Vapor: Bringing You The Vaping Goods In 2017

Washington’s Mt Baker Vapor still has what it takes to be your one-stop shop for all things related to e cigs and vaping. They continue to list a full selection of hardware and accessories to suit your need for equipment.

Mt Baker Vapor lists a long menu of e juices and materials to make your own styles of vapor juice. Their website features brand name products by Pioneer4You, NiteCore, JoyeTech, Eleafus, and many more well known names in the vaping industry. Check out Mt Baker Vapor if you haven’t already and you might become a new fan.

Mount Baker Vapor Coupon Codes, Discounts and Promos 2017

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mtbakervapor.comThe Website Layout

The MBV website is laid out thus: customers will find e juice, electronics, tanks, DIY stuff, and new items as per sub-headings on their bright, clear landing page. The only section missing appears to be a sale page which only means they don’t pull discounted products out and place them in their own section, thereby listing items twice.

The benefit is that customers are forced to look for what they want and not become distracted by sales as is so easy to do. Haven’t you ever gone shopping for one thing but finished your expedition carrying bags of stuff you bought just because the items were marked down? That is not an effective or efficient way to spend your money. Besides, pricing at Mt Baker Vapor is competitive, so you aren’t going to get ripped off no matter what you do.

Links to More of Mt Baker Vapor

Click links to their social media pages and find out what’s being said on Twitter by customers and employees. Learn about flash sales on Facebook. Visit the Mt Baker Vapor YouTube channel where they highlight products and post video tips about how to use vaping products like Zephyrus replacement coils or Clapton wire.

New Stuff and Established Brands

Examine new items. When I was browsing, equipment shown included the Thump RDA by THUMP MFG and an EVOD Mega Starter Kit by Kanger. Take a serious look at advanced pieces: variable electronics, sub ohm tanks, RDAs, and mechanical mods made by established and reliable companies.

MBV favors clones by Infinite, such as the Paragon Clone, but they also list a few authentic devices like the Derringer by Praxus Vapors and Vector by Vapour Lifestyle. Among high-end tanks, Smok’s TFV4 and Aspire’s Triton V2 are featured. Generally speaking, Mt Baker Vapor prefers to carry products and accessories that the average person can afford but stuff that’s also trendy and realistic. They don’t go in for niche items and high-end, machined mods.

Starter Sets for all Levels

Starter Kits are designed for the relatively new, reasonably experienced, and seriously advanced consumer. You will discover a lot of variable watt devices and some TC (temperature control) units. The Eleaf iStick 60W TC mod with a Melo 2 costs only $49.99. Buy an inexpensive Kanger Blister Kit (eGo-type) or an Innokin Express (also eGo). The Sigelei 75W TC and Fuchai 200W TC show that Mt Baker Vapor is up-to-date with new releases and vaping trends while supporting newer vapers at the same time with simple hardware that doesn’t go out of style.

E Juice Bonanza at Mountt Baker Vapor

At its heart, Mt Baker Vapor is an e juice company. Its founders began the firm by making e juice and delivering orders to customers’ doors. Among continued bestsellers are some familiar names from the early days like Thug Juice and Cotton Candy, plus Forestberry Fusion and Admiral Berry Crunch (a nod to the market for cereal-style e liquid).

A single bottle costs from $3.99 and up with a slight price hike if you build your own juice (another bestselling product). Select a base liquid containing 100% propylene glycol (PG), Max vegetable glycerin (VG), or a ratio in-between. Ask for up to 36 mg of nicotine per/ml. Explore: there is a lot to see like nut and spice types of e juice, desserts, and fruits. Mt Baker Vapor hasn’t forgotten its tobacco and menthol roots either.

Besides MBV’s GWAR and regular e liquids, they also carry Charlie’s Chalk Dust. But it’s hard to imagine how their existing product selection isn’t enough. Even fussy taste buds are sure to discover a likable mixture. If you aren’t sure about a flavor, read reviews under the listing or go onto an internet forum for reviews.

You are bound to uncover some great flavors that belie the low cost and make you wonder how gourmet companies get away with their high prices. Mixing multiple flavors to your specific flavor profile is easy and inexpensive too if, by some oversight, Mt Baker Vapor hasn’t already come up with it. You’ll notice that tank crackers are indicated: these are e juices that will cause damage to PC, acrylic, and plastic tanks. Only use these with a glass tank.

E Liquid DIY Materials

Mt Baker Vapor is also a stop you can try for DIY e juice ingredients and equipment. While you won’t find beakers and professional equipment in their catalogue, this is a good place to start when you are developing recipes purely for personal use.

Buy bottles, flavoring, and bases made to the same ratios noted above: the same levels of nicotine, PG, and VG. Mt Baker Vapor charges only $3.99 per 15-ml bottle of base fluid and $4.49 per 15-ml serving of USP, kosher flavoring with a huge variety to browse. Add sweetener or a measure of “sour” as well and let your imagination get to work.

How to Interpret Photo Frames

Colored frames around products indicate there’s something special about a product. A red frame tells you the item is out of stock. Customers can tell at a glance when not to bother with something because there isn’t anymore left right now. There are very few red frames in evidence, so stock is obviously kept up-to-date at Mt Baker Vapor.

That shows administration is efficient. Another frame is the yellow one indicating that an item is almost gone. This color is most frequently seen where products are on sale at an irresistible price, possibly because they are being phased out. Finally, the blue frame tells you an item belongs to their bestseller list.